Eden expands services for patients with neurological disorders

5 January 2017

The ‘Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) – Loud’ program was established to treat voice and speech disorders in individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders.

Recently the principles from ‘LSVT – Loud’ were applied to limb movement in people with Parkinson’s disease.

LSVT expanded to include the ‘LSVT – Big’ program which is aimed to improve movement quality for patients who tend to shuffle or freeze when they walk.

The physiotherapists at Eden are now trained to deliver the ‘LSVT – Big’ program in addition to the existing ‘LSVT – Loud’ therapy.

Patients will now have access to ‘LSVT – Loud’ and ‘LSVT Big’ in a four week one-on-one program focused on improving the patient’s loudness and their ability to make bigger movements.

Speech pathologist, Dr Sarah Locke said virtually every person with Parkinson’s disease will have speech and movement issues that can progressively diminish quality of life.

“Over the past three years we have had great success at Eden focusing on empowerment for individuals with Parkinson’s disease by improving communication abilities,” she said.

“We’re very fortunate at Eden that our staff are now trained in both the ‘Big and Loud’ therapy.

“Patients can now access the speech pathology and physiotherapy teams to make the most of the LSVT therapy and ultimately improve major motor skills, increase the loudness of the patient’s voice and improve speech clarity.”

LSVT participant, Patrick Stidolph was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in April 2016.

“After I was diagnosed my GP referred me to Eden for the LSVT program,” he said.

“When I first came to Eden I was not functioning so well but I have now discovered how beneficial exercise, physio and speech therapy are for me.

“I am very aware at how much I have physically improved at Eden. I have also noticed great improvement in my voice.

“Lots of people comment that I am speaking more forcefully and that gives me the confidence to speak louder.

“At Eden the therapists really get the best out of patients.

“LSVT is something I recommend people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s complete early for the best outcomes”

For more information on the LSVT Program please phone Eden Rehabilitation Hospital on 5472 6472 or ask your GP or specialist for a referral.